12.09.17 – 17.09.17 Performance/Installation at NEU NOW, Amsterdam, Netherlands

29.09.17 – 08.10.17 Tour at the festival “Denkmalkunst KunstDenkmal”, Germany

18.10.17 Playing at international conference “Transition to sustainable systems”, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

01.12.17 – 02.12.17 Festival Performance in Copenhagen, Denmark

04.03.18 Theatre HalfWat, Rotterdam, Netherlands

09.03.18 Made in Rotterdam, Club Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands


18.08.17 – 19.08.17 Concerts at Squeezebox International Accordion Festival 2017, Frederikshavn, Denmark

17.08.17 Concert at the Johannes V. Jensen Museum in Farsø (Nordjylland), Denmark

13.08.17 Concert at the Baltic Sea Tango Festival, Bornholm, Denmark

24.07.17 Pilgrim concert in Sula Chapel, Sula, Frøya, Norway
Review here (Norwegian)

27.05.17 Concert at Aggershus, Sweden

14.06.16 Final recital after two years of master studies at Codarts University of the Arts. Venue to be announced. Rotterdam, Netherlands

13.05.17 Concert at Ringve Museum, Trondheim, Norway

23.04.17 Concert at SouterrainP3 Rotterdam, Netherlands

27.02.17 – 07.03.17 Concerts in cooperation with «Kulturkarusellen» in Trondheim, Norway

26.02.17 Concert at Fruene i Fjøset in Rissa, Trondheim, Norway

20.02.17 – 24.02.17 Tour for «The Cultural Walking Stick» in Ringsaker, Norway

28.01.17 Performances at Charity dinner held at “Kasteel van Rhoon”, Rotterdam, Netherlands

27.01.17 Performance at Taste of Nieuw West in Amsterdam, Netherlands


20.12.16 Annual Christmas concert at Leira Church, Trondheim, Norway

16.12.16 Performance at the Codarts Christmas dinner show, Town Hall, Rotterdam

14.12.16 Playing at “Music as Medicine” event, Arminius church, Rotterdam, Netherlands

11.12.16 Participating in celebration concert for the renovation of Bratsberg Church, Norway

20.11.16 Appearance on TV show Vrije Geluiden, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

19.11.16 Appearance on radio show Vrije Geluiden, Hilversum, The Netherlands05.10.16 Concert in Strömstad by Föreningen för Akustisk Musik i Strömstad, Sweden

24.08.16 Concert at the Accordion Music Week in Vilnius, Vilnius Railway Station, Lithuania

21.08.16 Concert in Bistrampolis Manor, Lithuania

21.07.16 – 23.07.16 International Street Performance Festival Linz, Pflasterspektakel 2016, Austria

29.06.16 Three concerts at Theater de Stoep, Netherlands

14.06.16 Master concerts at Harmonie in Vlaardingen, Netherlands

30.05.16 Boksen, Kulturhuset, Oslo, Norway

28.05.16 Concert at Aggershus hos Ingela & Lars Agger, Sweden

26.05.16 Concert in Gimsøy Church, Porsgrunn, Norway

15.05.16 Concert in the Rotterdam Central Station celebrating the 50th year anniversary of De Doelen, Netherlands

03.05.16 Playing at the Business for Peace Award Ceremony 2016, Oslo City Hall, Norway

25.04.16 – 27.04.16 Concerts with Nea-Maria Korpelainen in cooperation with the municipality of Namsos. Netherlands

10.04.16 Zondagmiddagconcert, de Waerschut, Rotterdam, Netherlands

02.04.16 Laboratoriet, Kongsberg, Norway

31.03.16 Flekkefjord, Norway

30.03.16 Grimstad Rådhus, Norway

29.03.16 Buen kulturhus, Mandal, Norway

18.03.16 Concert with “Nykr Quarteti” in the Norwegian seamen’s church in Rotterdam, Norway

12.03.16 Kasteel van Rhoon, Netherlands

21.02.16 Concert at Old Mill, Bad Zwischenahn/Rostrup, Germany

31.01.16 Fundraising concert Salon de Musique in Aalsmeer, Netherlands

21.01.16 Concert in Wilminktheatre, Enchede, Netherlands

20.01.16 Concert in Theatre de Stoep, Netherlands

17.12.15 Annual Christmas concert in Leira Kapell, Trondheim, Norway

03.12.15 Celebration of voluntary activity, Ilen Church, Trondheim, Norway

29.11.15 Festival Maison Vide in Reims, France

31.08.15 Boksen, Kulturhuset, Oslo, Norway

30.08.15 Bjerke Gård, Lillehammer, Norway

29.08.15 Varmbadet, Drøbak, Norway

28.08.15 Laboratoriet, Kongsberg, Norway

19.08.15 Tjili Pop, Copenhagen, Denmark

18.08.15 Trinitatis Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark

15.08.15 Klub Geyser (Kulturhuset Islands Brygge), Copenhagen, Denmark

11.08.15 Concert at “Musikvalvet Baggen” in Stockholm, Sweden

02.08.15 Concert at Häggums Church in Skövde, Sweden

01.08.15 Concert at Stora Bryne Säteri, Sweden

25.07.15 Concert with Siri Evensen, Tingvoll Church, Norway

27.06.15 Opening concert Art exhibition Sula Fyr. Artist: Mette Grindstad Fyen. Norway

20.06.15 House concert at Lillegård in Trondheim, Norway

19.06.15 Argentinian musical lunch, Astrum grill og skybar, Clarion hotel, Brattøra, Norway

14.06.15 Concert in Meldal Kirke, Norway

29.05.15 Bandoneon recital marking the end of Andreas´s bachelor at NMH, Norway

20.05.15 Concert at “Bageriet” in Drøbak, Norway

28.04.15 Performance at Accordeon Concert at the Norwegian Academy Of Music (NMH), Norway

21.04.15 Performance at Cuartito Azul in Rotterdam, Netherlands

06.04.15 Spring concert in Lønset Kirke with Siri Evensen, Norway

26.03.15 Spring concert at Leira Kirke with Siri Evensen and Øystein Løvli,Norway

28.01.15 Gallery opening Åsne Margrete Reiten, Galleri Heer, Oslo, Norway

19.12.14 Concert in Santa Clara

13.12.14 Guest Artists on Julia Zenko concert, Torquato Tasso

05.12.14 Concert at Espacio Lubencia

22.11.14 Concert with KANU at Espacio Enjambre

17.11.14 Guest performance at Milonga de Jaime, 22:30

07.11.14 Concert at “La Scala de San Telmo”, Buenos Aires.

20.09.14 Double concert with KANU at Cangrejos House, Buenos Aires.

20.09.14 Performance at CUBOMANÌA artparty at the theater “El Cubo”

13.09.14 Concert at Casa Luna with KANU

05.09.14 Double concert with KANU at Musicleta 22:30, Palermo, Buenos Aires.

23.08.14 Concert at “Tango BA festival y mundial” in Buenos Aires

06.07.14 Festival gig at “Kyrkjehola Kulturbeite” in Stordal.

16.06.14 – 19.06.14 “The cultural walking stick” municipality of Ringsaker

14.06.14 Exhibition opening at Oscarsborg festning

02.06.14 – 03.06.14 Concerts in cooperation the municipality of Namsos

10.05.14 Attended master class with the great maestro Juan José Mosalini

09.05.14 Played at the NMH tango festival “A fuego lento”

05.05.14 – 09.05.15 “The cultural walking stick” municipality of Elverum

10.04.14 Concert in Leira Chapel

17.03.14 Yearly meeting “Festivalnettverk Trøndelag 2014”