Product Description

This album is very special to us. It was recorded in Buenos Aires as a documentation of our 6 months there and the music we made. It is filled with exquisite sounds, both in the language of Argentinian tango and our own more folk-inspired expression. Our own compositions on this record are performed with Julie’s Medieval folk harp, and the tangos are performed on the concert harp. An extra special feature is the track “Volver”, where our Buenos Aires maestro and producer of this album Pablo Mainetti joins Andreas for a bandoneon duo.

ESTACION SAN TELMO is currently exclusively distributed as physical copies.

Track list:
1. Rosekyrkja (Julie and Andreas Rokseth)
2. Prólogo (Julie and Andreas Rokseth)
3. Palomita Blanca (Anselmo Aieta)
4. Nunca Tuvo Novio (Agustín Bardi)
5. Noctilucas (Julie and Andreas Rokseth)
6. Volver (Carlos Gardel)
7. Tanti Anni Prima (Astor Piazzolla)
8. Caol Ilah (Julie Rokseth)
9. Milonga Triste (Sebastián Piana)

All arrangements by Julie & Andreas, with the exception of “Volver”.