Kerstconcert Noorse Zeemanskerk 2021

— Cancelled! —

Due to challenges related to the new measures, we are very sorry to announce that this year’s Christmas concerts have been cancelled.

Welcome to the fourth year of Julie & Andreas’ traditional Christmas Concert, held in the hand-painted interior of the 1914 wooden seamen’s church at the heart of Rotterdam.

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Wednesday Dec 15th

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Thursday Dec 16th

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Ticket for Kerstconcert 16th Dec 2021 18.00

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As the serene chords ringing from Julies harp strings are combined with delicately chosen notes from Andreas’ bandoneon, the audience know they can completely relax into the music. The special guest of 2021 is specialised in Chinese traditional music, as well as having incorporated her enchanting instrument, the erhu, into the Argentinian Tango.

Norwegian Seamen’s Church of Rotterdam is well known for its yearly Christmas Market (11th-14th + 20th-21st of November, don’t miss it!), but these concerts provide the chance to experience the magical room in a more peaceful setting. The popular harp and bandoneon duo will premiere some of their latest original repertoire, but most of all these concerts will establish what in Norway is known as “The Christmas Peace” (“Juleroen”). Welcome.