Limited edition VINYL RECORD: ENE Sildring

Limited edition vinyl (200)


This first record of the ENE series holds the whole narrative complete. Loving and living the coastal idyll, until it is irreversibly shattered when the hero is torn from the heroine as the sea proves its treachery! ENE Sildring music evokes in us the full overture of emotions of this sea tragedy. These are more deeply explored throughout the series – firstly with the hero and then the heroine individually.

Release date: 9th of April 2021



Track list:

1. Sildre
– J. & A. Rokseth
2. Båra
– J. & A. Rokseth
3. Iling
– J. Rokseth, M. Suen
4. Havstrøm
– J. & A. Rokseth
5. Grotte
– J. & A. Rokseth
6. Regnro
– J. & A. Rokseth
7. Fløeng
– J. & A. Rokseth
8. Sildring
– J. & A. Rokseth