The official music video of Noctilucas

This is our first big project where we combined music with time-lapse photography. We were writing and recording our first album in Buenos Aries, Argentina when we hopped over to the coast of Uruguay for a break from the studio. It was here where we discovered this pearl on the tip of a nature reserve called Cabo Polonio. It is a little village, almost without electricity and with streets of sand. It is surrounded by beaches and has huge sea lions living on the edges of the village, sunbathing in the warm summer sun. In the nighttime the night sky glitters with thousands of stars and the sea shines with the magical “Noctilucas” – which means “Night Lights.” These noctilucas are luminescent micro-organisms that make the sea glow a dazzling blue in the dark night. When touching the sand, a glitter trace would follow.

So the break from the studio turned out quite different from what we had planned; we suddenly spent every night photographing stars and every day walking around looking for the right spots to create our art while humming and noting down melody lines and ideas – a real space of inspiration!